Many of us use applications like Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, cable TV,…

If you use them you can have them for free by using piracy methods but I am not going to mention them.How much do we really need those services? Spotify is really handy if you use it as your daily music player and your main music player. Some of us like using downloaded songs that we buy.It has positives and negatives, postives are that you do not need to use mobile data or wi-fi however you need to sacrafice some storage space on your phone or pc. However using Spotify you use your mobile data or wi-fi but you have more free space on your phone and pc, and you can use it on multiple devices.However Netflix is great if you are in country that has all the series,I don’t have all the series in my country which is bad for me and thats why I would not use Netflix in my country. Subscription services are good but if you use them daily and can separate some money for the service.


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