Being a fan of certain company or product

Being a “fanboy” of some kind does not make you bad but it does ruin a expirience of being a all-rounder.Personally I have been a all-rounder all my life I can not be a fan of a single game or main one game in particular. I have been a Blizzard fanboy all along, I played World of Warcraft for 5 years and I still play it to this day however I am shifting to Hearthstone more and more. You just become saturated from that kind of gameplay and it becomes repetetive.

Blizzard “Fanboy”

I can’t say I’m not a fanboy, I play Hearthstone extensively everyday then I play Heroes of the Storm from time to time and I play Diablo 3 when a new season comes out. I try to play some of popular single player games but I just end up abandoning them in the middle and don’t ever touch them again.


Being a all-rounder gives you more diverse standpoint in life and can get you to understand more things. I personally don’t know a lot of all-rounder people and that make me question myself should I become one. I am not judging people by what games they play but your choices can make you a all-rounder and in gaming world I am a Fanboy but in real life I am all-rounder I am open to try a lot of things and I try to reflect that on my hobbies as much as I can and it’s hard belive me.Trying to fuse two worlds into one isn’t as easy as it looks. There are a lot of people in the world and everyone is special so everyone has their special traits, I am just one in a million.


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