How to organize your time correctly

As I may presume most of you reading this are either High school students or college students, and you prefer to play video games or have some passion for content creation. I feel you, and time managment can be frustrating sometimes because you need to study and do your assigments.Here is how to fix that


School is your number one priority because if you plans fail for some of your hobbies fail (for example youtube) you can always go on with your studies and pursue in a proffesional carrer. If you are attending a hard school manage your free time activities on certain day in the evening or in the morning when you don’t have a hard time in school. I personally do my youtube thing on wednesday and saturday when I have some free time.


Let’s say you run a blog like this one, set a time in day when you want to write something and do it daily or you can do few posts in advance and schedule them when to release. I personally just write when I am in mood and I have inspiration on what to write.You are going to be more productive if you let’s say do some more writing or recording in advance and have some more content over few days or weeks. Few month back I usually did a recording session of 2-4 hours of gameplay and I had some content to publish while I was doing my test. That’s how you can plan out your schedule and be more productive.


All in all I can fairly say that if you dont have a lot of time try to find a day where you aren’t as occupied as the other days and try to record or write that day more and schedule everything over the course of next week or few weeks and see how that works for you. I hope I helped you and if you need some more tips comment and I will try to answer you and help.


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