Hearthstone: Journey to Un’goro

New cards

Well it wouldn’t be normal of me not to talk about new cards and new mechanics. New adapt cards are so good and will bring diversity to the meta. With this adapt mechanic we will have more ways to play the game. You can chose totally different adapts while battling a Paladin or a Priest. When you battle Paladin you will chose taunts and more attack, however versus the priest you would chose poisonous and more health to sustain his high health minions.

What will I play

This expansion Paladin looks best to me because it has good adapt minions and murlocs are really good this expansion. While I was Dragon Priest and Tempo Mage main most of cards I use in those decks are rotating out and my decks aren’t viable anymore. Also Jade Druid might change a lot, we don’t know if there will be a lot of aggro decks in the meta and how will that play out.


I am not a good arena player but some good arena cards are coming with this format. I think Mage will still stay the top arena class because of his removal and good spells

Quests and new standard format

Quests are really good way to build decks around and they can help you play around some cheesy tactics in constructed play. This time we are rotating out 1 expansion and 2 adventures,thats a big card count going out of the Standrad format and last time we had 1 expansion and 1 adventure which was okay but this time it is going to be a really big change. Also I dont think quests will dictate how a certain class will work, if quests did that then non-quest decks would fall out of meta really bad.


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