Game of the week: Non Stop Knight


Non Stop Knight is a endless grinding Diablo III like game and it really copies the feel of Dibalo like games. And it does it really well with 3 abilities which have rune type system, which will help you in your monster killing adventures.This game has a prestiege system when after a while you complete certain amount of floors and then you go back to square one with more stats which you can buy with “prestiege” coins. Although you may want to take some breaks because it gets progressively harder in the game so let you knight do the work alone and farm up some gold coins before you go on your next boss fight.

Should you download it?

Of course if you like addictive gameplay and awesome rewards in game. This game has an ad based system when they offer you some very valuable items for watching an ad. This is very good because you get paid items for a 30 second pause.I did not find a lot of negative things in this game but it sometimes lags when you run into a big pack of enemies and start using your abilities.


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