Game of the week:Tap Titans 2

Here I will post mobile games I find that are interesting 

This week is Tap Titans 2 

In general

Tap Titans 2 is a tapper games, infinite tapper where you go on an adventure and recruit heroes to help you on your journey to slay all titans. You progressively gain new abilities and pets which accompany you and give you benefits in games. Over time you unlock more pets which will be important for later gameplay. Every 3 and a half hours you unlock a new pet. You can also unlock amazing gear which will increase certain sources of damage. There are 4 sources of damage Tap damage, Melle hero damage,Ranged hero damage and Pet damage.


In general game is really polished to the end I did not expirience any bugs. Artstyle is cartonny and won’t use up much battery and it could be played on lower end phones, which opens up the accsesibility to the games.If you want a fast paced games I would pick this up.


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