Phone battery is a big problen today and we have a gadget to solve that.

Which should not you buy

I personally suggest powerbanks bigger than 5000mAh because they can generally charge your mobile once and don’t serve you much more, and they generally get broken really fast. I am talking from presonal expirience because I have 2 5000 mAh powerbanks that don’t charge as much as they did when I got them. However if your budget is limited and you need something cheap I suggest 5000 mAh powerbanks they will serve you for a year or so which should be enough.

Which should you buy

You can aim for 10000+ mAh powerbanks which will result in many charges on one charge. I got a 16000 mAh one which is really good, it is a little bit big. I don’t really look at the looks but I find the function much mlre important.


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