Top 5 Pokemon GO Gen 2 Pokemon

Well I had to make this into a short list because if I made this list larger I would have a lot of work to do and these are my 5 favourite Pokemon from gen 2



Umbreon is my favourite eeveelution in the game and the design of the Pokemon is just so good. I am a night owl person and I love dark sky and peace and Umbreon is just like that he is fully dark and has some light shapes on him, just like a night sky


I know this is a big jump from an Umbreon because Ampharos is so cute and powerful. Just thinking about Ampharos reminds me of Gold and Silver or Hearth Gold and Souls Silver which are so good games where you find Ampharos in the Lighthouse. I used Ampharos a lot and he has a special place in my heart.


This giant snake is looking so powerful, evolving from weak Onix into this steel monster is so fascinating. Steel type is so good in defense because of its Steel/Rock and it makes it so freaking powerful and the fact that defense so good makes it into my 5 favourite gen 2 Pokemon.


From a fragile Schyter to this freaking elegance this bug type Pokemon is one of the best, the red color makes it just better and I love his moveset.Every generation brings something new and gen 2 brought new life to gen 1 Pokemon in such a good way and this can be seen on Scizor.


It was a close call between Feraligart and Typhlosion. This beastly Pokemon suits me best because this little fiery beast was my choice back when I was little playing Pokemon on my Gameboy.Beating Elite 4 and Champion with my Typhlosion which was a little Cyndaquil once. This Pokemon is number 3 in my heart after Charizard and Empoleon. His big fire circle around the neck is just so cool you have to be amazed by it, Meganium and Feraligatr don’t have a lot of special features but Typhlosion has his fire and this makes it my number 1 gen 2 Pokemon



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