Pokemon Go Generation 2

What’s new

New pokemon have been added to the game, from Chikorita to Celebi are in the game. We don’t know when legendaries are coming to the game. New pokemon evolutions have been introduced like using Metal Coat to evolve Onix into Steelix or using Dragon Scale to evolve Seadra into Kingdra. New berries have been added Pinap Berry and Nanab Berry. Pinap Berry gives you more candy if you give it to the pokemon and Nanab Berry calms the pokemon down. Shiny pokemon are in game however I did not see any videos about shiny pokemon and I did not notice any shiny pokemon.

Eggs and Evoultions

New pokemon have been added to the eggs and some new changes have been made to the evolutions. Zubat and Horsea candies needed to evolve them to Golbat or Seadra have been reduced from 50 to 25 making it easier to get Golbat and Kingdra. New pokemon added to 2km eggs are starters, baby pokemon,Slugma,Remoraid and Ledyba. 5km pokemon are Elekid, Senasel, Yanma, Girafirag, Natu, Magby,… whole list can be seen on pokemongohub.net thats where I find info for changes that have been made.

My thoughts

I generally find a lot of common pokemon like Ledyba and Spinarak however that has it’s benefits and I can get pretty good IVs with them and get them ready for battling I have been hatching a lot of Eggs in game and generally getting more ready pokemon for my collection. I am still waiting for trading and PvP because to me it’s just like Gen 1 but with new pokemon. I may be getting Pokemon GO plus however this may not be a case I am still making my mind about it.In the meantime I have been trying to find new Pokemon in my city however I am going on a trip to a nearby town so I hope to see some new pokemon not just Sentrets Ledybas and Spinaraks. I still have not found starters but I am trying ver hard to find them.


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