Which headphones to use on your mobile phone

Well I would like to adress this becaue a lot of people lie to ask me which earbuds or headphones to buy. I personally use my Sony earbuds that I got with the phone because they suit it the best but sometimes they just aren’t good. I used iPhones earbuds for a long time and I prefer them over any other earbud, however they have a problem when I connect them to my Xperia Z5. So with two pairs of earbuds it’s time to talk about the real headphones. My most used headphones are Razer Kraken Neo (audio jack ones not USB), I have them for 3 years now and I really enjoy using them although from time to time they get sweaty after a long use and they need some cleaning. You can generally use anythin for music. I ordered Razrer Hammerhead earbuds and I am waiting for them to arrive and I will let you know what I think about them.


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