Phone battery is a big problen today and we have a gadget to solve that.

Which should not you buy

I personally suggest powerbanks bigger than 5000mAh because they can generally charge your mobile once and don’t serve you much more, and they generally get broken really fast. I am talking from presonal expirience because I have 2 5000 mAh powerbanks that don’t charge as much as they did when I got them. However if your budget is limited and you need something cheap I suggest 5000 mAh powerbanks they will serve you for a year or so which should be enough.

Which should you buy

You can aim for 10000+ mAh powerbanks which will result in many charges on one charge. I got a 16000 mAh one which is really good, it is a little bit big. I don’t really look at the looks but I find the function much mlre important.


Top 5 Pokemon GO Gen 2 Pokemon

Well I had to make this into a short list because if I made this list larger I would have a lot of work to do and these are my 5 favourite Pokemon from gen 2



Umbreon is my favourite eeveelution in the game and the design of the Pokemon is just so good. I am a night owl person and I love dark sky and peace and Umbreon is just like that he is fully dark and has some light shapes on him, just like a night sky


I know this is a big jump from an Umbreon because Ampharos is so cute and powerful. Just thinking about Ampharos reminds me of Gold and Silver or Hearth Gold and Souls Silver which are so good games where you find Ampharos in the Lighthouse. I used Ampharos a lot and he has a special place in my heart.


This giant snake is looking so powerful, evolving from weak Onix into this steel monster is so fascinating. Steel type is so good in defense because of its Steel/Rock and it makes it so freaking powerful and the fact that defense so good makes it into my 5 favourite gen 2 Pokemon.


From a fragile Schyter to this freaking elegance this bug type Pokemon is one of the best, the red color makes it just better and I love his moveset.Every generation brings something new and gen 2 brought new life to gen 1 Pokemon in such a good way and this can be seen on Scizor.


It was a close call between Feraligart and Typhlosion. This beastly Pokemon suits me best because this little fiery beast was my choice back when I was little playing Pokemon on my Gameboy.Beating Elite 4 and Champion with my Typhlosion which was a little Cyndaquil once. This Pokemon is number 3 in my heart after Charizard and Empoleon. His big fire circle around the neck is just so cool you have to be amazed by it, Meganium and Feraligatr don’t have a lot of special features but Typhlosion has his fire and this makes it my number 1 gen 2 Pokemon


Pokemon Go Generation 2

What’s new

New pokemon have been added to the game, from Chikorita to Celebi are in the game. We don’t know when legendaries are coming to the game. New pokemon evolutions have been introduced like using Metal Coat to evolve Onix into Steelix or using Dragon Scale to evolve Seadra into Kingdra. New berries have been added Pinap Berry and Nanab Berry. Pinap Berry gives you more candy if you give it to the pokemon and Nanab Berry calms the pokemon down. Shiny pokemon are in game however I did not see any videos about shiny pokemon and I did not notice any shiny pokemon.

Eggs and Evoultions

New pokemon have been added to the eggs and some new changes have been made to the evolutions. Zubat and Horsea candies needed to evolve them to Golbat or Seadra have been reduced from 50 to 25 making it easier to get Golbat and Kingdra. New pokemon added to 2km eggs are starters, baby pokemon,Slugma,Remoraid and Ledyba. 5km pokemon are Elekid, Senasel, Yanma, Girafirag, Natu, Magby,… whole list can be seen on pokemongohub.net thats where I find info for changes that have been made.

My thoughts

I generally find a lot of common pokemon like Ledyba and Spinarak however that has it’s benefits and I can get pretty good IVs with them and get them ready for battling I have been hatching a lot of Eggs in game and generally getting more ready pokemon for my collection. I am still waiting for trading and PvP because to me it’s just like Gen 1 but with new pokemon. I may be getting Pokemon GO plus however this may not be a case I am still making my mind about it.In the meantime I have been trying to find new Pokemon in my city however I am going on a trip to a nearby town so I hope to see some new pokemon not just Sentrets Ledybas and Spinaraks. I still have not found starters but I am trying ver hard to find them.

Which headphones to use on your mobile phone

Well I would like to adress this becaue a lot of people lie to ask me which earbuds or headphones to buy. I personally use my Sony earbuds that I got with the phone because they suit it the best but sometimes they just aren’t good. I used iPhones earbuds for a long time and I prefer them over any other earbud, however they have a problem when I connect them to my Xperia Z5. So with two pairs of earbuds it’s time to talk about the real headphones. My most used headphones are Razer Kraken Neo (audio jack ones not USB), I have them for 3 years now and I really enjoy using them although from time to time they get sweaty after a long use and they need some cleaning. You can generally use anythin for music. I ordered Razrer Hammerhead earbuds and I am waiting for them to arrive and I will let you know what I think about them.

First blog post

Welecome to Geek Writing, this blog is going to be about everything geeky you love and hate.Geek Writing is my persona blog and I am going to write about my personal life on here so I hope you are ready for some geek content.