Keyboard and mouse or controller

Keyboard and mouse or controller. The neverending war in video game community. Everyone has their likings and people may call you console peasant if you use a controller but I won’t judge you. I play with everything nowadays, for some games it’s just easier to play with controller than with keyboard and mouse. Let say for example you are playing Dark Souls, it’s more natural to play it with controller than with keyboard, yes you are getting more camera control with mouse however controls are easy to memorize on a controller. Mouse has more camera control, controller has more mastery to it if you master game controls with a controller you can be unstoppable in online play in a certain game. Everyone has their liking and I don’t mind that I play games based upon that are they intended with a controller or with keyboard and mouse, if it’s supposed to be played in such a way then give it a chance.



I can safely say that I am a anime maniac, I watch everything that looks good to me and I really love it. I recently started watching a anime on Netflix called Seven Deadly Sins, and it’s amazaing. In the past I watched Fairy Tail,Full Metal Alchemist (original and Brotherhood), Sword art Online, My hero academica, Akame ga Kill, Dragon Ball Z and Super, Re:Zero, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon.Oh so much good memories and happy moments in my life. I am just saying give anime a chance you may like it.

Physical or digital games

Everyon likes to have a nice collection of games that can sit on a shelf and be a nice decoration in you gaming or personak room. I have a lot(40 or more) digital games on my pc and ps4 combined while on the other hand I have 25 physical game copies (ps4,DS,3DS,PSP,Wii,pc) and I am proud that I have my small collection which I want to expand however it’s really expensive to buy games in Croatia.They are really expensive 50$ for ps4 games and pc games are 20-50$ which is a lot and I sometimes can not afford much games and thats why I have more digital than physical games in my collection.


Many of us use applications like Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, cable TV,…

If you use them you can have them for free by using piracy methods but I am not going to mention them.How much do we really need those services? Spotify is really handy if you use it as your daily music player and your main music player. Some of us like using downloaded songs that we buy.It has positives and negatives, postives are that you do not need to use mobile data or wi-fi however you need to sacrafice some storage space on your phone or pc. However using Spotify you use your mobile data or wi-fi but you have more free space on your phone and pc, and you can use it on multiple devices.However Netflix is great if you are in country that has all the series,I don’t have all the series in my country which is bad for me and thats why I would not use Netflix in my country. Subscription services are good but if you use them daily and can separate some money for the service.


First of all, you can save so much time listening to audiobooks. Imagine you are going to work or school and you have those 20 minutes of free time and you do not use them. Well you could play an audiobook and read your favourite book or a book that you started reading

I have been listening to few audiobooks on my way to school and back, I can pleasantly say that it is a such a time saver. In past three weeks I read 5 book by just listening to books when I am playing games, doing homework, going to school and it’s so easy you can enjoy so many good books by just listening.This is not sponsored.

Should Hearthstone implement daily rewards

As some of you are free to play Hearthstone players it’s hard to get packs and gold and you need to play arena to get more gold.This week before release of Un’goro we have daily rewards and it was am amazing ides people got some good pulls from free packs. It would be a good idea since you need two or three days to get a pack or to pay for Arena which can be really tiring and frustrating.We even got a free golden card which is worth 100 dust and one pack on average 90 to 105 dust which you can get in just one card if you invest time to get a pack. I don’t want to get too far into this because it would turn into a rant.

Being a fan of certain company or product

Being a “fanboy” of some kind does not make you bad but it does ruin a expirience of being a all-rounder.Personally I have been a all-rounder all my life I can not be a fan of a single game or main one game in particular. I have been a Blizzard fanboy all along, I played World of Warcraft for 5 years and I still play it to this day however I am shifting to Hearthstone more and more. You just become saturated from that kind of gameplay and it becomes repetetive.

Blizzard “Fanboy”

I can’t say I’m not a fanboy, I play Hearthstone extensively everyday then I play Heroes of the Storm from time to time and I play Diablo 3 when a new season comes out. I try to play some of popular single player games but I just end up abandoning them in the middle and don’t ever touch them again.


Being a all-rounder gives you more diverse standpoint in life and can get you to understand more things. I personally don’t know a lot of all-rounder people and that make me question myself should I become one. I am not judging people by what games they play but your choices can make you a all-rounder and in gaming world I am a Fanboy but in real life I am all-rounder I am open to try a lot of things and I try to reflect that on my hobbies as much as I can and it’s hard belive me.Trying to fuse two worlds into one isn’t as easy as it looks. There are a lot of people in the world and everyone is special so everyone has their special traits, I am just one in a million.